Missing Boy: Ram Ram

I fail to write down his mother’s name and his full name, too but this three year-old boy named Ram Ram has been on the news since early this week. His family name sounds like they’re Muslim.

The little boy was with his yaya when an unidentified woman approached them and introduced herself as a relative. She borrowed Ram Ram from the yaya and told her that she would just be buying ice. The kidnapper did not return prompting the yaya to text Ram Ram’s mother about the incident.

The mother was hysterical. She lost her youngest child last year and she admitted that she has not yet moved on. With Ram Ram, it’s a bigger tragedy because she doesn’t know where the little boy is and what intentions the evil kidnapper had on her mind. My heart goes out to Ram Ram’s mother. I am a mother, too and a very protective one.

The yaya was put in jail for charges of negligence. Could she be part of the kidnapping? Was she too trusting or she was just too gullible?

We can only hope that the CCTV camera from a nearby warehouse can unlock the mystery on who really took the boy. Personal interest or syndicate, what that person did is KIDNAPPING and she or they should pay for it!

Let us be vigilant, people. If somebody from your neighborhood suddenly appears with a three-year old boy, it would be helpful to contact the police to conduct an investigation if who they have with them is Ram Ram.


August 29, 2017 Update:

Seven years after I wrote this article, Ram Ram is on the news again. His mother thinks that Ram Ram is in the hands of the Maute group and is being groomed as a child warrior.   =(



September 5, 2017 Update:

Ram Ram is said to be reunited with his parents. What a happy ending!

7 thoughts on “Missing Boy: Ram Ram

  1. I am a mother too, with 5 children and I love my children so much, sana sa babaeng kumuha kay ram ram maawa k naman, Im sure ina ka rin. sa yaya sna magsabi kna ng totoo, nararamdaman k may kinalaman k rin. sa mama ni ram ram sna makasama m ulit si ram ram just keep on praying coz I nothing is impossible to God.


    • You know, Riza. I was teary-eyed when I watched the news about Ram Ram. I feel his mother’s grief. Three years old lang yung tinangay ng babaeng yun! Sana nga ang plano lang ay ibenta ang bata for adoption. At least may chance pang ma-recover di ba? Morbid ako minsan na baka sindikato yun ng mga batang nangunguha ng organ kaya lalo akong nag-aalala for Ram Ram.

      Naghahanap ako ng link containing Ram Ram’s picture para mas madali ang pagtulong sa paghahanap sa kanya.

      Let’s all pray na safe si Ram Ram at maibalik sa mommy nya.

      Sa kumuha kay Ram, ibalik mo na! Kung natatakot ka, then find a way to return the kid. You’re a woman, too and perhaps, a mother, too. You know what I’m trying to say….


      • gud am Iris, lam m how i wish makita na nga rin si ramram kc naawa tlaga ako sa bata naiisip k nga sya baka iyak ng iyak at hnhnap ung mama nya. khpn habang nsa ofis ako tinanong k rin ung mga ka opis ko kung alam nila tungkol kay ram ram, at ganun din sila wish din nila makita at maawa na sila sa bata at sana nsa maayos lang sya. kgbi nag aabang ako ng latest news about ram ram pero wla pa rin. ilan oras m nga lang dmo makita ang anak m miss mo ng sobra, how pa days na. gusto k rin sna makatulong sa paghahanap kay ram ram thru internet, kaya lang dko rin alam kung paano. sa ngaun pray nlang muna ang kaya kong ibigay, sabhin k rin sa mga ka ofismate k na i pray din nila si ram ram. have a nice day! and i hope makita na si ram ram.


    • Hi Riza,

      I was not able to watch the news last weekend. From last Friday’s report, nakikipagtulungan na ang NBI para makausad ang paghahanap. It looks like the kidnapper is no stranger to them. At least, that’s how Rohanisa Abdul Jabber (Ram’s mom) thinks.


  2. hi Iris, I chanced upon your page in my search for any news related to Ramram’s kidnapping. They’re my kababayan. I’m abroad now and only rely on the internet for news happening back home. I found out about the incident through a former highschool classmates’ facebook account who is related to the boy. I’m a mother of two little girls myself and lost my first at 6 months of pregnancy. I can just imagine the pain and anxiety the parents are going through. Nothing could be worse than your child being taken away from you. I pray to God that the boy be found very soon in safe condition. I have attached a link to my classmates account where a picture of the boy is posted. Thank you and God bless..



    • Hi Ima,

      I believe that Ram Ram is in safe condition. Just like Mrs. Jabber, I’m beginning to think that the kidnapper is no stranger to them. Let’s all pray together that Ram Ram will be back home within this week. Kudos to the police and the NBI for helping the family find the toddler.



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