I’m So In Love With You!

His tiny body clings to me for a sweet embrace. His wet lips reaches to mine for a kiss. I can smell his sweet smell. Nobody really beats Adi! Excuse me Chang and Miel, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or cause jealousy. I know that we all love our little baby boy.

How can I not fall in love with my baby? His arrival is just timely. When I was turning 20, I was deprived of motherhood; circumstances just did not allow me. Chang, for twelve years, was a stranger to me and vice-versa. With Adi, the pregnancy was welcomed by family and friends…and yes, the community. I had him at the time when most women are expected to marry and raise a family.

How can I not fall in love with a baby who wakes me up with a loving smile? A baby who’s a replica of me. He changed a lot in my life. Yes, I don’t have a nightlife anymore. It started when I went steady with Miel two years ago. (Ours was a whirlwind courtship)

I love you, Adi. You taught me how to love unconditionally. You taught me how to be a mother. You taught me the value of FAMILY.