Five Things That I Will Do For A Better Philippines

June 30 gave me an opportunity to slow down. I spent the day just relaxing while watching PNoy’s inauguration. Contrary to speculations, there was a peaceful transfer of government from ex-PGMA to PNoy. PMGA looked cheerful when she welcomed PNoy. I didn’t see a trace of her being negative and regretful that she would no longer be the highest elected government official on the Philippines. It must be the fallback, huh? She won as Congresswoman in Pampanga. The Pampangueños must really love her so much.

The four Aquino sisters were beautiful at their yellow gown. Ballsy’s beauty is that of a colegiala, sosyalin!. Pinky’s bangs made her ten years younger, I mistook her for cousin Jackie Aquino! Viel’s angelic face resembles that of cousin Mikee Cojuangco. The youngest Kris was a stand out in her yellow gown. Oh, she handled her personal problems well. I didn’t see her gloomy at the occasion. (I was hoping that James would attend. Sad!)

PNoy is regarded by his supporters as the messiah who would save us from our economic, social, political and maybe spiritual problem. The presidency is no easy task so I think it would be better if we start changing our mindsets in time for the new government.

These are the five things that I intend to do for a better Philippines:

1. I will work harder to attain 100% financial freedom.
– They say that you cannot give what you do not have. At present, I am sending my youngest brother to school. Such a noble act, isn’t it? But this is what I learned from my Japanese sponsors in college: share whatever you have. Offer scholarships to poor but deserving kids even if it means sacrificing some of your luxuries in life. Ok, very noble! But I am also working for my family! So, I think that to be able to afford some of life’s luxuries while helping others, then I need to be 100% financially independent. Financial independence means that I have a positive cash flow. Walang malaking utang.

2. I will continue to study and hone my craft.
– I can’t stop at my current position. I need to learn the latest in engineering and business administration to be able to mentor the people under me. The Indians are good at IT because they persevered for it. Are the Filipinos regarded as good in Engineering? Maybe yes. It’s the reason why Singapore, Taiwan and China hire Filipino Engineers. But can you tell me how you were treated compared to your Chinese or at least Malaysian counterparts?

3. I will teach my kids to speak, write, pronounce and understand English.
– Grammar police, arrrest me! I don’t claim to be flawless when it comes to speaking the King’s language. In fact, until now, I am still lost for some English words. I notice that most of our young children and teenagers today find it hard to express in English. It’s very different during the 80’s when even public school kids speak and write good English. Are we deteriorating? Yes. Most of the people here at the office can write good English but cannot speak in straight English. I think that it’s my duty as a parent to teach my kids good English. We don’t live in a community where English is the means of communication. It’s the countryside where the Tagalogs live.

4. I will stay beautiful inside and out.
– False spirituality teaches us not to focus on physical beauty because what is important is inner beauty; the spirituality itself. I beg to disagree. We have eyes to appreciate what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. Physical beauty is about maintaing a good skin, good set of teeth, good smile, good health and clean finger and toe nails. Being beautiful inside and out radiates and affects other people. I will affect other people by staying beautiful inside and out.

5. I will be more disciplined.
– I will religiously segregate the biodegradables from non-biodegradable wastes. I will follow the traffic rules. I will be on time for appointments. And I will teach or influence my family and friends to do the same.

There’s a lot to do more than those mentioned above. But I will start from there. 🙂