I Miss You, I’m Sorry, I Love You

I miss my friends. Terribly. I miss those friends whom I used to exchange life updates. I miss the small talks, the little gossips and funny chats. I miss my late mother. I miss talking with her about anything under the sun. I miss laughing at our own silly mistakes. I miss my late grandmother who taught me how to love unconditionally.

I’m sorry for not having enough time for my kids because their mom is a busy careerwoman. I’m sorry for not having enough time to visit my friends and relatives in the province. I’m sorry for being too stubborn to my husband at times.

I love you, my brothers and father. Nothing has changed when I got married. You can still count on me and you know that.

I love you, my children even if I appear too strict at times (specially to the older one).

I love you, Miel. It’s the reason why I chose you among the rest–you’re simply the kind of person who I can share my bad side with. I deleted my past in the story of my life when I decided to start my life with you.