The Love As I View It Five Years Ago

Why is loving so difficult to do?
Because to love is to risk not being loved in return.
Because to love is to risk not being treated the way we want to be treated.
Because love is to risk being hurt, being rejected, being disillusioned.

How many years will you have to wait before you let go of a person?
Some people easily let go of a person once they sense that the relationship
won’t work.
Some people continue to hold on for years until they realize that he’s/she’s not
the person she’d/he’d like to be with
for the rest of her/his life.
Some people hope that things will be better until he/she realize that he/she
spent a lifetime of pain and
emotional suffering to his/her partner.

Love is a two-way process but there is no such thing as equality in love.
If you can measure its equality, then, it is not love. You will just have to
feel that somebody
in the relationship is more on the giving or receiving end without necessarily
measuring love per se.

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship because there is no perfect
person or perfect set up.
The best thing that we can do is just to take the person as he/she is and to
take the set up as it is.
But love should never be the sole reason to keep on understanding a partner’s
It is not healthy for the couple to keep on staying on a one-sided relationship.
Understanding is only applicable to a partner who is willing to compromise.
Meet half-ways. Don’t be a martyr in love just because you have so much love to
If you tolerate his/her annoying actions, you contribute more to his/her

Love is not about choosing who over whom or choosing who over what.
In love, security is always a factor to keep you from holding on.
Lack of security leads to doubt. Doubt leads to lack of trust.
Lack of trust leads to lack of security and the cycle continues.
Both of you must know where to stand in a relationship. Don’t play mind games;
call a spade a spade
because a spade could never be an ace.

Nobody knows the future. Not even the stars or the oracle. The future is like a
running water
with no direction or form. Why do you have to think about the future when the
present is more important?
People are too worried about the future. They are worried about how many bucks
they’re going to make by
the time they are 30. They are worried about when to marry or when to have a
child.They are worried about the superficialities of life.
People can be so intelligent yet so dumb. The present is the preparation towards
the future.
So many lovers prepare too much for the future, neglecting their partner’s
feelings and emotional needs,
only to realize that they are losing them as days pass by.

To be able to love, one must love himself/herself first. You will never know how
it feels to be in pain, in jealousy, in love, in sympathy
unless you yourself have experienced it. Don’t confuse love with infatuation or
need. If you’re just physically attracted to a person
but you can’t be with him/her in times of need; it must be infatuation. If you
can’t let go of a person because you can’t live without
that person; it must be a need. Don’t fall in love just for the sake of falling
in love. Don’t enter into a relationship just because of a need
for companionship. Don’t get married just because you’re getting late for the
last trip. These needs, once fulfilled, will do more harm than good
to both of you. Have you tried lusting over a bar of expensive chocolate? Once
you tasted it and get tired of it, you won’t bother to eat the whole
bar. Point is, it is always tempting to get something or somebody that you know
you wouldn’t have. Countermeasure? Don’t fall in love,
get married and have kids for the wrong reasons.