Building Up My Baby’s Vocabulary

At 9 months and two weeks, Adi can utter the following words:

dog- which he pronounce as “do”, it’s like removing the “g” from the word
cat- “cat”
triangle- “tie-duh”
Ate (elder sister)-“teh”
And the list goes on.

I think it’s best for my little one to learn the King’s language at an early age. My husband and I communicates with him in English and Tagalog. My husband’s dialect is Cebuano; we might as well introduce the dialect to him. Oh, well…I need to learn Cebuano, too. He teaches me basic Cebuano but I always end up speaking Ilocano, my second dialect after my native Tagalog.

I’ve always wanted to learn and speak at least four different languages but the limitation is I don’t get to speak with native speakers of the languages that I am trying to learn. Maybe Adi’s case will be different because young children learn faster than adults.