Are You Chummy With Your In-Laws?

I grew up witnessing how my aunt (my father’s second sister) and my mother got along well with each other. My grandparents from the father side adored my mother, too. I felt so special whenever me and my brother were with them.

My father’s relationship with my mother’s relatives was just civil, except for his relationship with my aunt (my mother’s first cousin). She was the only person in my mother’s family that he got along well with.

I hated that civilness between my father and my relatives from the mother side. I wished that the relationship was closer and warmer. My father had this attitude of keeping grudges. Being my grandmother’s (my mother’s mother) favorite grandchild, I felt that it was unfair to my lola for my father to think of her that way.

I am close to my brother’s common law wife. She is like my sister. We text each other almost everyday to keep each other updated. Their daughter is my only niece—oh, my favorite niece!

My husband’s family is not the type who reaches out to relatives. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice and decent people but reaching out is just alien to them. I respect my father-in-law but I cannot say that I’m close to him. My two sisters-in-law seem distant and unreachable. I used to be chummy with one of their brothers but he stopped communicating with us when he started to have a family.

Some would say that I am lucky for not having in-laws to meddle in our family life. I pine for a mother-in-law…wait, a good mother-in-law! My husband’s mother passed away when he was young. It’s good to have in-laws if they’re generous and easy to get along with.

Are you chummy with your in-laws?