The Restroom is My Spa

I barely have time to go to the spa to have a much needed aromatherapy back scrub or facial so I decided that I’ll bring at least my facial mask to the office. Being a mom (and wife) consumes much of my time at home; there’s no break for that. At the office, I take advantage of the 60-minute breaktime to go to the restroom and apply my beauty creams and mask while self-massaging my scalp. I started this routine last Monday. Believe me, it helps in decreasing my stress level at work. It’s also good to have officemates who are vain; they’ll understand why I need to do this routine.

I have every reason to stay attractive in the eyes of my husband. First, it’s a wife’s obligation to stay attractive. Second, Miel is five years my junior. Pangit naman if he looks like my kid brother instead of my husband, no!