How To Be Handsome?

Take a look at the link above. Don’t you think that I need to answer that or at least have my own version of that?

1) Maligo – gumamit ng safeguard professional clean
Iris says: Kaasikid, that Safeguard is correlated to being a family soap. If you want to smell shower fresh, then buy some musky-scented soap. I would even recommend Dial instead of Safeguard.
2) Magsipilyo – gumamit ng colgate professional clean
Iris says: Colgate, just like Safeguard, is a family toothpaste. Try something different like Aquafresh.
3) Mag cologne/pabango – ung light lang ang dating at hindi amoy tanders. wag mag axe common na to.
Iris says: I so agree that Axe is overrated. I would even pick Afficionado over it. I had a highschool classmate who wore Drakkar Noir. I wonder why this perfume is not so popular here when it’s the most masculine-smelling scent for me.
4) Magdamit ng maayos – di kelangan branded. basta malinis, plantsado at bagay sau. ung presentable. wag ka na magdark colors kung maitim ka na.
Iris says: Agree. Light colors complement dark skin. I love men who wear yellow. Light-skinned men, I mean. I am never impressed with people who wear signature clothes. I am impressed with people who wear well-pressed clothes. (Because I rarely iron my clothes! Lol!)
5) Magpagupit ng clean cut – oo cool ang long hair pero me mukhang mabaho. clean cut para malinis tingnan at mukhang mabango
Iris says: Long hair is okay as long as the guy keeps it in a pony tail. I also admire skinheads.
6) Mag ahit – oo cool din ang me bigote.pero mas bata kang tingnan at mas malinis pag bagong ahit. kaya nga me sinasabing ahit pogi.
Iris says: A little masculinity is what I want so I don’t prefer men who shave. But I don’t prefer bearded guys, too. A little goatee will do. 😉
7) Magsuot ng relo – para on time ka parati. simpleng relo lang na metal or leather watch na bagay sa getup. wag ka mag accessories ng iba like hikaw kwintas or singsing.
Iris says: I love men who wear earrings!
8) Magsuot ng maayos na sapatos – kung leather i shine. wag naman kintab sekyu. ung tama lang. kung sneakers basta malinis tingnan. hindi ung tipong pang rocker or emo na madumi or me putik.
Iris says: I love men who wear clean shoes!