Mommy’s Little Angel

Baby Adi is sick since Thursday night. Mommy has been very worried about him. 40 degrees celsius is something that won’t make me calm and comfortable.

We brought him to the pedia last Saturday. The pedia suggested to test Adi’s urine for UTI. It took us an hour to make Adi pee. The lab result showed that it was not UTI. So the doctor diagnosed that it must be tonsilitis as his tonsils were red and swollen.

She prescribed antibiotics and paracetamol. Adi had moderate fever until Sunday afternoon. Until now, he has not yet regained his strength and it’s breaking mommy’s heart.

Working moms like me could only pray and monitor the baby through text/call. I love you, Adi and please get well soon.

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Angel

    • He’s better now than yesterday.
      I’m a working mom so that makes me more worried leaving him under the care of a baby sitter (yaya).
      Thanks for the concern! I really need it today—and then you are so right in saying that “we hope that we parents are the one suffering.”


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