To Have or Not To Have a Facebook Account?

I had a brief chat with Nur, my Turkish friend who I have not communicated with for ages. He was the 36th person who asked me if I have a Facebook account. I told him that I don’t have one and I am still on the process of thinking if I need one. My Friendster account is inactive and I unsubscribed to Linkedin just last week. It’s only this blog that keeps me active online.

Nur said that while he was away aboard a ship, he had no opportunity to connect online and he even forgot the blogging site that he used to blog to. We share the same opinion that Facebook and Friendster have substituted the conventional way of communicating with friends. Instead of paying a visit, writing a letter or even making a call, Friendster and Facebook users just click on their friend’s page to check on how their friend is doing.

It’s good to make us of technology to connect with friends easier. But it’s still better to make that connection a little more personal by letting your friend know that you are sincere and your friendship is beyond online.