Things Will Be Okay, Miel

Miel is on medical work out since last Sunday, May 31. He complains of dizziness and nausea. His lab result was okay and last Monday, the doctor ruled out anemia as the culprit to his nausea. Doc suggested three things: one week of bed rest, consult an optometrist and check his blood sugar through FBS test.

Despite his bed rest, Miel still felt nauseous so I urged him to consult the optometrist. True enough, his right eye was found to be astigmatic and so we changed his eyeglasses. I am hoping that he will be okay within the day.

When we were still clueless about the source of his dizziness, I was so worried to the extent of thinking about losing him. He is still young, full of promises and a loving family man; I could never find another one like him. There were times before when I would audit where he spent our money as I was too particular about how we spend our money.

I realize that life is too short and as long as it does not bankrupt us, then we can indulge ourselved in our little luxuries.

I realize how much I love him and how much happy I am to be with him. šŸ™‚