I Remember The Boy…But Not The Feelings

I remember the boy…
But I don’t remember the feelings anymore…

It’s a Joey Albert song and it applies to me. It’s been weeks now since I always dream of my ex-boyfriend. The dream was not sweet; it left me hurt feelings when I wake up. I don’t hate the guy and I never hated him for all the bad things that he did to me. I don’t know if I am just too forgiving or I just loved him that much.

I can’t remember of a single incident that he said he’ll love me forever.

I can’t remember the good times with him.

I can’t remember how I used to feel for him, his favorites and so on.

But why am I dreaming of him lately?

I looked at the calendar….today is supposed to be our

10th anniversary.

That explains the dreams. Maybe my subconscious is

telling me that many years ago, I was with him. And I was

happy with him a long time ago. I can’t remember his face.

I can’t remember much of him. Maybe I never really loved

him. Maybe what happened then was just an obsession.

Because I don’t remember falling in love with him….in the

truest sense of the word…..