My Precioussss!

I almost lost my precious.

I looked at it in my cabinet but it was not there.

I opened the jewelry box but only the earrings were there.

I searched on it on top of the refrigerator where my husband

usually puts his precious but it was not also there.

I knew I would be late at work if I continued finding for it but

who cares? It was not about my precious’s price that made

me panicked that much.

This wedding ring symbolizes everything between me and Miel.

The love at first sight….

The friendship that turned into a beautiful relationship….

The engagement after a month of going steady…..

The wedding that only the two of us prepared…..

I almost gave up finding my precious.

I picked up the 50 peso-bill on the bed.

Something dropped on the floor……….the ring! My precious!

I kissed the ring out of my great relief.

My precious is still with me.

I hope it stays with me as long as I live.