Yellow Wins!

From the partial result of the 2010 Elections in the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Aquino III is leading.

Expect a lot of yellows on his proclamation day.

Expect his four sisters standing behind him on that day. (Please give Ms. Ballsy more camera exposure; she looks good onscreen. Maybe even better in person.)

Expect a lot of showbiz-related interviews on Kris Aquino. Wait, is she going to leave the country once Noy is proclaimed? I remember that she vowed to leave the country and live anywhere there is TFC once Noy wins. Can she afford to leave James Yap behind? Is James willing to sacrifice his basketball career for Kris?

Shalani Soledad is leading on the Sangguniang Panglunsod race on the 2nd district of Valenzuela. Is Kris willing to share the spotlight with Shalani?

It’s lonely to be living alone in Malacañang without a pretty lady by your side, President Noy. Is tying the knot with Shalani part of your 6-year plan? (Nikki Prieto-Teodoro would make a lovely first lady,too. Too bad, Gibo didn’t make it!)

Is President Noy willing to stop whatever issues his family have with the Marcoses? Who will throw the first stone this time?

What could be President Noy’s stand on the issues faced by the Arroyo administration? What would be his priority projects to improve the economy of the Philippines. GMA left a huge task for the next president. It won’t be an easy job, President Noy!