The Agua Bendita That I Remember

Serialized in Liwayway Magazine, this Ron Santiago story is about a twin born to an upper middle-class family. The father, a doctor, is Marcial Cristi. His wife ,who finds it hard to conceive a child ,is Mercedes Cristi. From what I remember, Marcial is a surgeon and he is the one taking care of Mercedes’s poor heart condition. I cannot remember if Marcial steals the holy water from the church. Anyway, Mercedes gives birth to a twin and to Marcial’s shock, the other one is a freak, jelly-like in appearance. Afraid that Mercedes might suffer an attack, Marcial declares that the other one is dead. The freak one is kept on a secret room and only Tonyang,the househelp, is allowed to see her. Bendita is raised as a solo child. As I remember, Dita is closer to her dad than her mom. Mercedes discovers about Agua and nearly suffers an attack. Marcial tells her that Agua is Dita’s twin and Mercedes accepts her. Dita becomes jealous of Agua and the sibling rivalry begins.

I think Mercedes died on the comics version. To protect Agua’s safety, Marcial decides to hide her in a family resort by the beach with Tonyang. Marcial and Dita migrate to the US. (Oh, please tell me I am wrong! I cannot really remember!)

Agua is delighted that another kid does not find her horrifying. She discovers that Roni is blind and two forges a friendship. Roni leaves with his mother for his medical treatment and Agua is again left alone with Tonyang.

Years later, Marcial and Dita come back to the Philippines. Agua thinks that this time, things will be better between her and Dita. She tries to copy Dita’s fashion style only to be ridiculed by her twin.

The seductive Dita is swimming on the beach when she meets Roni. Roni remembers her voice and thinking that she is Agua, he approaches her. Dita is caught off-guard and runs back home.

Dita tells Tonyang and Agua about her encounter with a stranger and wonders how Roni is fascinated by Agua,her being a freak. Agua tells her that Roni used to be blind when they were kids.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Dita gets interested in Roni and pretends to be Agua.

Now, I really can’t remember the ending of this comics series. Anybody from the 80’s who is familiar with the story is free to contribute. 🙂