Beware of

I chanced upon this link about Donald Freeman:

I have a personal story about Donald. I met him through an online dating site in 2008 when I was at the height of being experimental when it comes to finding my true love. We exchanged friendly letters for two weeks in February 2008. According to him, he was born on January 5, 1969 to Dr. Dones Freeman and Monica Barrister. He has two sisters, Clara and Catherine. He works for the IWCA and holds office in USA, UK and Germany.

He offered me a job either in USA or UK for the purpose of “starting our life together” in either country. Whoa! He was not even my online bf yet when he offered that. With much apprehensions, I told him that I am fine living in my home country with my family and we need to establish a relationship first before taking that big step.

He then became uninterested on me. I thought that he got interested on some horny women on the net. (How many poor and innocent women took his bait?)

Donald Freeman, if that is his real name, even sent me his picture. He doesn’t look like a 39-year old man. He looks like somebody in his 50’s. Btw, he claimed to be from Louiseville, Kentucky and is part-Native American.

I hope to hear from the other ladies who encountered him online.