Happy First Wedding Anniversary, Miel!

Miel and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary on Sunday, March 28. There’s gonna be a simple but intimate celebration between the two of us. I am still searching for the right gift for him; something that he can use and something that would be of use to him. I don’t want to be conventional in giving wedding anniversary gifts. So, don’t expect me to give him something made out of paper for our first wedding anniversary.

Since our anniversary would fall on a Sunday, we would have to rise early to go to church early. We have talked about having a lunch date instead of a dinner date.

I’m pretty sure that just like me, my husband realized that I’m not exactly the Ms. Right that he dreamed of when he proposed to me in July 2008. I can be very temperamental. I can be very bitchy but I’m proud to say that I am and will never be a NAGGER! There are also a few things that I realized on my husband. I hate it when he complains a lot about some things that I can tolerate like the humid and hot weather. I hate it when he becomes too accomodating to others. I hate it when he finds fault with my cooking.

But we have the best of times together. I really enjoy his company as we’re both adventurous. There’s no dull moment with him. What I love about him most is his good character and his commitment to being a good father and husband.

Miel, happy 1st anniversay! I hope that we’ll enjoy our day on Sunday!