Be My House Guest?


I lived in my grandmother’s house from ages 10-16. During those six years, I was taught on how to be a good house guest. Surely, I would always be my grandmother’s favorite grandchild but it was still her home; I had to abide by the rules.

Rule # 1: No TV after 9PM. Grandma preferred to sleep by 9 PM and we shared a room. It meant turning off the TV by 9M and go to bed by that time.

Rule # 2: Rise up by 6:30 AM. Grandma would rise up by 6AM and cook breakfast for me. By 6:30 AM, I was expected to be at the dining area for breakfast. Nothing beats her fried rise until now!

Rule # 3: Clean the house. I was the one in charge of cleaning Grandma’s two-storey house.She was particular to neatness and orderliness.

Rule # 4: Never open Grandma’s closet. I never had the chance to take a look at what’s inside Grandma’s closet until her death in 2005. Respect for one’s personal belongings was what she always taught me.

Rule # 5: Never turn on or use any appliances without Grandma’s permission. Just like rule # 4, I learned to respect other people’s belongings. Up to now, I don’t even peep at my husband’s cellphone messages and this intrigues him. šŸ˜‰

I hate house guests who act as if they own the house! Heck, I lived with a relative at a young age and I knew how to follow my host’s rules.

I hate house guests who leave clutters, used cotton balls and used sanitary pads. Is it so hard to thrown those things in the thrash can?

I hate house guests who turn on the radio or television without my permission. I hate it even more when they don’t share my appreciation for their kind of music or TV show.

I hate house guests who are gloomy. I am not a pyschologist. Better not visit our house if you have PMS or just having a bad day!

I hate house guests who use my cup. Oh, it’s maybe because I was assigned my own set of utensils when I was a house guest myself.

I am not a gracious host. I suck at hospitality. But I could be a very entertaining host when I feel that the house guest is not taking advantage of her being a guest.

Rules are there to guide everyone. I have my own sets of rules for guests to follow. Don’t worry, I don’t usually become a bitch when pissed off! šŸ˜‰