Friends No More

Some great friendships are good until one must go
And leave the other one hoping that the friendship will still grow
Despite the distance and isolation
Despite the lack of communication

There was this childhood friend of mine
A friendship that I consider as an old wine
That I expected to continue ’til old life
Thus, I avoided to trigger a strife

When we needed to part ways to start a career
I kept in touch with her because she’s very dear
I looked forward to the day when we’ll see each other again
And talk about stories of work, life and men!

Call it a coincidence but we saw each other one day!
It was I who greeted first and she had nothing to say
The warm smiles of hers were gone and so is my excitement
I then realized that I was beginning to lament

She had a change of heart and I was left wondering
I was left alone in pain and reminiscing
The friendship with her that I valued so much
Was just yesterday’s dream to my touch

Aint it true that true friends are hard to find?
But sustaining a mutual friendship is one of a kind
People who don’t value a great friendship
Are selfish folks without a real relationship