Young Love, Sweet Love

I remember an old friend, let’s call him Joker. I wonder where he is now, what he’s doing for a living and how he’s changed his life. Our chance for a relationship ended just before it would have started. Blame it on the wrong timing; I was 12 and he was 14 at that time.

How sweet a young love is! A young love so pure without the earthly intentions. It’s nice to be young and innocent in early 90’s. It’s nice to have strict parents and “supportive” friends. How I long to be 12 years old again! Twelve years old and beginning to discover the joy and pain of puppy love.

Joker liked me, too. He said that to me one rainy afternoon when tweeners still prefer hide and seek over computer games. It was the time when Balanga was not yet a city. It was the time when my only hobby was to play with my neighbors. How time flies!

My parents took my interest with Joker badly. They said that he was not the right one for me. Maybe it was my age or maybe it was his juvenile background.

He called me by my petname. He was the only man outside my family who called me by my petname. He knew that I was interested in him. There was a time when we thought, our relationship was getting into what we expected. He tried to make me jealous by getting involved with another neighbor. I did the same by saying that I didn’t like him anyway.

I developed a crush on my friend’s brother. He was older at 16. Until now, I am still shy whenever I see him. Lol! When that crush didn’t materialize, I got interested with my father’s friend’s son. We got along fine for a while until he started dating my friend.

Joker and I had our “lovers’ quarrel,” too. We would not talk with each other for weeks until the tension would subside. It was he who always made the first move to reconcile with me.

I was a little devastated when he eloped with a girl he barely knew that bore him a son. I set my limits with him. I didn’t want to be the cause of someone else’s pain though I must admit that she caused me a little pain when she “stole” my “man.”

That “love affair” lasted until I was 16 years old. It was a “love affair” when I was so innocent and young.

I would love to see Joker now and rekindle the friendship. No, I am not interested to keep him as my other man. I just want to connect with someone who has always cherished and respected me as a woman.