Who Will Be The Next President of the RP?

Survey says it’s Manny Villar who is preferred by 70% of respondents followed by Noynoy Aquino at 64%. One thousand eight hundred respondents versus a voting population of 43 million Filipinos, can we trust the statistical figures then?

Assuming that the SWS survey is correct, then by statistics, it’s Manny Villar who will be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines. That is good until the voting public makes a change of heart. A lot of things can happen before the May elections and survey results will definitely change as the voting public is made to realize who to vote.

I am looking for a website that reflects the presidential candidates’ personal and public profile. I would like to know their educational background, their family background, their achievements in life, the good things that they did for the country, their wealth and health status, their religion, their ethnic group, their political view, their stand on Mindanao and Abu Sayyaff, their stand on pre-marital sex, euthanasia, nepotism, agrarian reform program, alternative sources of energy and the growing Filipino population that is forecasted to hit 100 million in 2010.

On that website, I would like to include a public forum wherein we can discuss the candidates’ character. Is it true that this candidate is a drug user? (just an example) Why do we need to know a candidates’ flaws? So that we can compare it with our own values. I know that nobody is perfect but at least we should vote for somebody who has the highest appraisal when it comes to being moral.

Eddie Gil, a former presidential (nuisance) candidate said that once elected, he would pay our country’s foreign debt using his personal funds. We laughed at him and ridiculed him but is there any candidate who has the same objective? I have yet to hear from a candidate’s mouth his strong willingness to at least reduce our foreign debt.

I hope for a transparent and honest election this time.