Loyalty To The Company

How is loyalty to the company being taken by the Filipino working class? Is there an available statistics of loyal employees? What is the ratio of home grown talents versus a non-home grown ones in a company?

Back in the old days, loyalty to the company is like being loyal to one’s country. Promotion and the reward system were based on years of service in the company. It’s no wonder why our grandparents were able to afford large houses and nice cars back then. It is like the age-old belief that a college education is the key to one’s success. Remember Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad?” Loyalty to the company and obtaining a college degree to get rich are related assumptions. Both are old-school beliefs. I won’t discuss the principle of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” you try to read the book if you care to know about it. I will be focusing on my own belief that “loyalty to the company is old school.”

And why is it old school? As I mentioned, during the time of our grandparents, the reward system was based on years of service to the company. Is it happening now? Let me cite Intel Philippines as an example. Intel Philippines wrapped down its operations in 2009. Ask any ex-Intel employee and he/she will just give you a uniform answer. They would all agree that when it comes to compensation and benefits, Intel was the champion at it. Some if its employees were middle-aged men and women who even bought a home within the Generial Trias area. Maybe ten years ago, they thought of permanently settling down in Cavite though some of them came from as far as Northern Luzon. Of course, it’s not Intel’s fault if its employees decided to settle near their work area. My point is, these loyal employees did not foresee that the semicon superpower would someday pull out its operations in the Philippines. Where did their loyalty put them? Thanks to Intel’s separation pay? Unless you’re a good businessman, then maybe that amount is in good hands.

Some employees tend to bind theirselves into the company that they learned to love but they fail to acknowledge that our employers are business-minded people. They hire us not because they want to give us a better life. They hire us because they think that we are capable of expanding their assets.

A friend asked me,” So, are you implying that I must be lax and lazy just to prove my disloyalty to my employer?”

What a question! I did not mean to say that a person must be lazy and lax to his work just to show his disloyalty. My point to all this argument is this. Be hardworking, show your commitment but for your own sake, do not be a blind follower to your company. Leave when you feel that the company does not respect or acknowledge you. Leave when there is a better opportunity. Do not be stagnant, learn a new skill, find the best employer, learn how to invest your earnings while working.