Sarah Labhati and Steven Silva Made It!

Starstruck V is the only Starstruck that I watched and followed from start to finish. There is something new from this 5th batch that the other batches don’t seem to have. More star-material? More mass appeal? More talents to show? More determined contestants? I dunno. This batch is just the best batch for me when it comes to talent, beauty and attitude.

As I mentioned in my previous post, a week before the finals night, I was torn between my original bet Diva Montelaba and classy beauty Sarah Labhati. Diva is the total performer, one who can sing, dance and act. She was a model and TV segment host before she joined Starstruck. Wearing an orange gown last night that accentuated her “modellish” physique, Diva was very tensed before the announcement. She lost the Ultimate Female Survivor title to Sarah Labhati. But don’t worry, Diva. With your talent and exotic beauty, you’ll go places. 😉

Sarah looked more of a beauty queen than a winning contestant last night. The yellow gown was just perfect for her. A good singer, she can embark on a singing career besides acting.

Rocco Nacino was confident throughout the night. He was crowned 2nd Prince. Actually, I didn’t expect that he would be 2nd Prince as I thought that that should belong to Steven Silva. Rocco’s family seemed affluent. His mom was right in saying that it doesn’t matter if Rocco win or lose. What is important is how he enjoyed his Starstruck journey.

Enzo Pineda was crowned 1st Prince. I still believe that Enzo and Sarah should be paired together. Diva should go solo and Steven should be paired with Nina Kodaka.

Half-white and half-Filipino Steven Silva made it as Ultimate Male Survivor. It was unexpected and I’m sure that he charmed his fans and the Starstruck council with his boyish good looks, right attitude and determination to win.

Two to three years from now, who among the Final Five will make it big on local showbiz? It is important to hone their talent at this early point in the showbiz career. They must have the right attitude and they must always keep their feet on the ground.

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