What Happened To Allen Pangilinan?

Taken from http://www.helpfindallen.blogspot.com.

Notice to The Concerned Public
Allen is not yet home but we got an information and we assumed that he is just fine.

However, the family would like to request the public to be patient with them and provide them the privacy that they are requesting for now.

We understand and we appreciate all the efforts, support, concern that everyone has put into this situation. Rest assured that all of these are greatly valued by his family and friends.

But as of this time, we cannot give more than what we have already stated so we request for you understanding and we would like to assure everyone that we will provide an update as soon as we get the official statement of the family.

In line with this, we are communicating to the public that the blog and the Facebook group page would be deactivated temporarily.

We do hope for your patience and understanding. Thank you.
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What really happened to Allen Pangilinan? The public sympathized and empathized with his family and friends. The public went out of their way to try to help. The public prayed for Allen’s safety. Now that Allen is confirmed alive and kicking, the public won’t be given a chance to know what really happened? How intriguing!

My opinion on the following theories:
1. Allen was kidnapped- Disagree. How affluent is his family? Kidnap-for-ransom syndicates work quietly and hate publicity. If Allen was kidnapped, his family and friends wouldn’t ask for the public’s help to spread the info about his disappearance.

2. Allen went abroad to celebrate after passing his SAP certification exam. -Disagree. Three ATM withdrawals after the disappearance? Is it possible to use BPI ATM cards abroad?

3. Allen ran away. – Possible. Who knows, he has personal issues that even his family is not aware of? Maybe, he was just trying to cool off elsewhere.

4. The Allen Pangilinan case is just a hoax.- Possible. It could be a social experiment like what they did to Tintin and Julius Babao’s daughter. A group of people wanted to know how the public would react to the little girl’s “death story.” Obviously, the couple was hurt and mad about the whole social experiment thing. If Allen’s case is just a social experiment, then who could be the people behind this?

8 thoughts on “What Happened To Allen Pangilinan?

  1. Hi. I know. I’ve been following the story. Had this been a social experiment, what right do they have to alarm the public and evoke people’s sympathy and emotions?

    and I do understand the family need their privacy but during their time of agony, the public was there and everybody did exert so much effort into finding info and details.

    The public deserve to know!



    • Their sudden silence on the issue created more questions than closure.

      I hope it’s not stalking but is there a way to know if Leo Allen Pangilinan really exists? Hehehe.
      Do you have friends in HP-Ortigas? (I didn’t know that there is HP in Ortigas until he became sensational. I thought that HP is in Makati only.)


    • Oh, i see! At least he’s not some sort of a virtual character.
      Do you happen to know him personally, btw?
      I would love to meet him personally or online. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi. I had also been following his story, until those who started it suddenly decided to clam up. Any update on this? I’d hate it if it would turn out we’ve been fooled, but I’d still prefer to know the truth.


    • Hi!

      Sadly, I still have no updates and I have yet to know what really happened. My personal opinion is this; Leo probably had a misunderstanding with his family and decided to cool off elsewhere, precisely the reason why he was not answering to any of his mom’s calls. There were traces of ATM withdrawals with the biggest one amounting to only PhP 5,000. If he were victimized by a syndicate, why withdraw such a small amount when he could have transacted a day’s maximum allowable withdrawal, say PhP 30,000?

      Leo is such a lucky person for having friends and colleagues who obviously cared for him. Social experiment? I don’t think so unless his job is related to conducting statistical analysis, surveying and the like. He is a technical person—an IT who just recently passed his SAP certification. And I think HP won’t allow any of its employees to get involved in such an experiment. Well, I could be wrong as I have no idea what his job on DLSU is. πŸ˜‰


  3. Hello, Allen Pangilinan is a real person. I call him Kuya Allen, we were classmates during our first year in Quezon City Science High School. I’ve seen him in some recent photos hanging out with friends so I guess it must be some case of ‘paglalayas’. πŸ™‚ But he’s ok. πŸ™‚ Worrywarts lang talaga ang parents nya. I remember hatid sundo sya ng kotse nung first year kami and sya lang nagiisang nakastroller sa klase. Maybe he just wanted some sort of freedom.


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