Top 7 Songs of My Heart

I associate people with songs. I can remember people through songs. I can make or break my mood through songs.

1. Fallen- this song is dedicated to my husband. I met him at the lowest point in my life. I met him when I stopped believing in love.
“I can’t believe it you’re a dream coming true. I can’t believe how I have fallen for you. I was not looking, was content to remain. And it’s ironic, to be back in the game.”
It made me believe that love is something that will come at the least expected time. A whirlwind courtship, we’re still on the process of getting to know each other. Our first wedding anniversary will be next month.

2. Wonderful Tonight- my first boyfriend loved to accompany me to the ball. He was proud of me. He was a good dancer and I just loved those romantic dances with him.

3. Of All The Things- dedicated to my 2nd boyfriend. Just when I thought that our love was “You and Me Against The World,” it proved that love is not forever six and a half years later.

4. Muntik Na Kitang Minahal- Yes, I almost loved him! This is dedicated to one of my bestfriends. The physical attraction was intense; I mistook it for love. Good thing, he never got the chance to know how I felt for him before.

5. First Love (by J-Pop Utada Hikaru)- he was not my first love. I met him when I was lost and unhappy with one of my relationships. It was a brief “love affair” that ended just when it was about to start.

6. Sad to Belong- he was married, I was looking for marriage. He thought that the feelings were mutual. It was not. I was just being friendly to him. And we were not friends for benefit! Excuse me!

7. Bato sa Buhangin- my parents’ love story. This song makes me feel nostalgic. I miss my late mother very much.