Thank You, Miel!

If there’s one thing that I truly appreciate in my husband, it will always be his caring attitude. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4 AM due to spasms in my stomach. It must be the rocky road ice cream or the ripe mango that I ate at 11:30 PM.

5:30 AM, we went to the church for our Thursday worship. I was very uncomfortable. I thought I had LBM. When we arrived home, I took a cold shower to get rid of my drowsiness.

My husband went to school while I went to work afterwards. At work, my condition worsened. Not even the Kremil-S was of any help to improve my severe stomachache and vomiting. (Thinking that I was just acidic.) At 1:30 PM, I called up Miel and told him that I would have to go home by 2PM. He asked me to wait for him at the office.

I asked permission from my boss if I could go home as soon as we were done with the review but he insisted that I should go home ASAP if the pain is unbearable.

1:45 PM, I met Miel at the ground floor and I told him that there’s no need for him to go home with me.

4:30 PM, Miel awakened me. He said that he could not work because of my condition. He took my temperature; I had a fever. He took care of me, brought me medicine and soup and asked me to go to sleep.

I woke up at 6:00 PM with a better feeling, both physically and emotionally. The man that I married 11 months ago is still in love with me. I hope it’s forever…..