Jason Ivler, From Nobody to Metro Manila’s Most Wanted

The case of Jason Aguilar Ivler is something that fits http://www.crimelibrary.com. First, Jason is affiliated with the Aguilars of the local entertainment. Uncle Freddie’s song “Anak” gave the local song industry honor and prestige when it was recognized abroad and translated into different foreign languages. Cousin Megan almost made it in the local TV industry. Maybe that Aguilar connection provided him the opportunity to be a TV star on his own right. Several years back, he was casted as “Bullet” in GMA-7’s now defunct teen-oriented show, the TGIS (Thank God It’s Sabado) At that time, he was a big nobody. Not even TGIS fans recognize the screen name behind the character he portrayed in TGIS. (Refer to http://tgisaturday.tripod.com/history.htm. Opposite the character Bullet was a “?” ) Call it déjà vu or coincidence but the screen name (BULLET) that he used in TGIS would seal his fate in the future as he is the prime suspect for the shooting of Renato Ebarle Jr.

Second, Marlene Aguilar- Pollar, his mother, is a book writer and artist. Her influence, as far as her book and arts are concerned, is something that is never to be underestimated. In addition, Marlene could have connections in the political and business world. After all, she is married to Stephen Pollard, an economist working for the Asian Development Bank.

Third, Jason was a former US army, who at 20 years of age, was sent to Iraq by the US government. Is he suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome? How was his behavior months after he came back from Iraq?

Fame, money, connections; very “crimelibrary.”

Now Marlene is talking about conspiracy theory. The government that she accused of trying to harm her child is the very same government that she’s now asking for assistance since Jason is an American citizen.

Last November, we saw a mother who was suffering in great emotional pain for her son. She begged Jason to surrender himself because according to her,”the people are harassing the people that you love.” This is contrary to the witness’s cum tipster’s information that strange things were already happening in the Pollard residence in early December.

Mr. Pollard is obviously uncomfortable at the situation his family is dealing with. He is the exact opposite of his wife who cries before the camera and can beat any seasoned actress at that! Yes, Jason was not in her home, if a home to her does not include the basement. After all, the mansion is so big and thanks to the tipster; who could ever think that that house has a basement anyway? Had Jason did an Anne Frank who spent years living in the attic, I wonder if the tipster would have an idea that he was there and I wonder how the NBI agents would pursue him, given that he had a strategic position up there.

Jason Ivler is fastly gaining followers; both male and female. He’s not any different to Hubert Webb, the goodlooking son of Ex-Senator Freddie Web, who was convicted of rape and murder.Just like Hubert, women are just attracted to Jason’s bad boy image. If the basis of that admiration is due to Jason’s good looks, then these women need a hard shaking. I would understand if they were there to support Jason because in their heart, Jason is innocent. That would be a better cause than supporting someone all because of his good looks.

The law is the law. At this point, Jason is still innocent and so are the Ampatuans. Let justice and Divine guidance prevail.