Ala Paredes as Sketch Artist on Ampatuan Trial

A year ago and randomly, I thought of Ala Paredes. She’s the daughter of one of APO Hiking Society’s singer, Jim Paredes. Just very randomly, I asked myself where this pretty and curly-haired young lady is. From what I remember, she used to be a MTV VJ and an endorser of a shampoo brand. I used to read her blogs, too at her personal website.

I didn’t expect that I would see her on TV last night. According to the news, the 26 year-old lady is just on vacation from Sydney, Australia. Twenty-six? Time flies so fast, indeed. No, she’s not in town to shoot for another shampoo commercial. She’s not in town to endorse a political candidate. She is in town because a judge(?)-friend asked her to be the sketch artist of the Ampatuan trial.

Ala probably wants to embark on a career in the Philippines but from what I expect of her, she could be an effective talk show host like my idol Ms. Daphne Oseña-Paez. (Daphne broke my heart when she left Proudly Filipina. =[ )