Punta De Fabian

Punta De Fabian is an inland resort located in Baras, Rizal. Travel time is 90 minutes from Aurora Boulevard, Cubao. There are other alternative routes to explore though.

Dubbed as the resort where the “water meets the sky,” the place’s serenity is ideal for team building and business planning. Oh, I came there for business planning. (Thanks to my boss who brought me there.)

The things that I look for in a resort are the following:
Note: Ratings are the following:
5-excellent 4- good 3- fair 2- poor 1- very poor

1. Nice staffs – In Punta de Fabian, I had no bad encounter with their staffs. They are friendly and courteous. It seems like their management trained them well in pleasing customers; not one of them can be seen frowning.
Rating – 5

2. Accomodation – The rooms are spacious. Hot shower is available. There is cable TV. There’s complimentary bottled water and hot tea/coffee. But I was looking for a bar. Okay, maybe a bar is somewhat a luxury but what about a telephone so that I can order for food without bothering to walk from the hotel/cottage to the resort’s restaurant? The intercom was not working. What will happen if there’s an emergency? The bed is a little hard and the blanket, so thin so I requested for a comforter.
Rating- 2

3. Food- I am so much into Filipino foods and my palate usually craves for salty and sweet foods. I don’t know if Punta is into American cooking: less salt and less sugar. Personally, I didn’t appreciate their food save it for the very delicious clubhouse that they served at snack.
Rating- 3

4. Security- I wonder how Punta takes care of gatecrashers because I didn’t see much security personnels in the vicinity. The two swimming pools don’t have a lifeguard.
Rating- 1

5. Ambience- The ambience is definitely a “5.” You can see the Laguna de Bay while drinking coffee at the terrace. The air is unpolluted. The ambience reminds me of Tagaytay.
Rating- 5

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    • It was my first time in Baras then. I shall definitely come back with my family when our tight schedule permits. 😉


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