Postpartum Calorie Watch


If you are calorie-conscious like me, I am sharing with you the attachment that I downloaded from the net several years back.

On December 10, my baby boy will turn three months. That means that next week would be my third postpartum month! While I am among the very few mothers who didn’t gain too much weight during my pregnancy, I belong to the several many who find it hard to resume to our pre-pregnancy figure. Oh, don’t get me wrong that I have the same body type as Nicole Kidman or our local Aubrey Miles who were able to lose several pounds after giving birth. Nicole was said to be back to her pre-pregnancy figure two weeks after giving birth. As for Aubrey, she was proudly parading her post-pregnancy body during a lingerie modelling show some two months ago. If these women were able to shed several post-pregnancy pounds in less than a year, then why can’t the “several many” do the same?

I made a commitment to myself that I’m going to bring back my college days figure. It’s depressing to hear from college acquaintances that I’ve grown big. An old college friend told me not to mind those insensitive people.

“You’re not that big. You were just anorexic in college,” she would say.

Yeah, I was underweight in college. Blame that to those skinny fashion models! Lol!

I know in my heart that I could never bring back my old college figure. I gained weight after college and fortunately,
I didn’t gain a lot of weight during my second pregnancy. I’ll just have to change my idea of “how thin is thin and how fat is fat” and adapt it to my age.