Ampatuan vs. Mangudadatu
Nice headline. It projects an image of two warring Muslim royalties.

Maguindanao Massacre
Gruesome headline. It projects an image of a backward civilization.

Since last Monday’s (November 23) massacre, I’ve been surfing the internet for more facts and details about the Mangudadatus and the Ampatuans. I learned that they used to be allies. When we speak of allies, I hope it does not mean that the Mangudadatus supported the Ampatuans wicked activities. One article says that the Mangudadatus are warlords themselves. I hope that the Maguindanao massacre is not some sort of karma as I condemn political killings.

Mindanao is called “The Land of Promise.” But is it really promising? Mindanao’s lands are fertile; the perfect land for agriculture. Its seas are said to be perfect for fishing and tourism. I grew up with an impression that Mindanao is not a peaceful place. Its problems are more political than socio-economical.

How many Abu Sayaffs do we have and why can’t our military forces pin them down? It leads me to think that we tolerate these terrorists because there is business in war. There’s big money involved. And maybe, there are some big families in Mindanao that conspire with this group.

The MNLF and the MILF, in my opinion, do not regard themselves as Filipinos.
“We are Muslim,” they would say but never “We are Filipino.”
Does it mean that being a Muslim give them an authority to ask for an independent Mindanao?

Is there hope in Mindanao?