My Mother’s Daughter

I am sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee; ¼ tablespoon of coffee, 2 tablespoons of creamer and 1 tablespoon of sugar. When did I develop a taste for coffee? Probably it was during my college days when I had to finish all my assignments and prepare for the next day’s lessons. Prior to my college years, I HATED coffee! It was my mother who was addicted to it. I didn’t realize that several years later, I would become the person that I never thought I would be. I realize that I am becoming like my mother in so many ways or maybe in so many ways that annoyed me when I was younger.

When my mother was still a full-time housewife, she was a neat freak. She took much attention of the restroom and kitchen. Did we, as kids, leave the toilet messy? Did I, at ten years of age, wash the dishes properly? Her being a meticulous made me and my younger brother take care of our things properly. I hate greasy pans and plates. I hate it when the glasses and utensils smell fishy. I hate it when the kitchen is left untidy. I hate it when the toilet is left messy. I realize, I was never this meticulous before and it would take a week of orientation before my helper gets my particular style in good housekeeping.

I thought I was not jologs like my mama when it comes to food but lately, I’ve been craving for cheap puddings, kupeng, otap and mamon. These breads cost less than ten pesos but enough to fill in a hungry stomach. Mama thought that my Goldilocks or Red Ribbon pasalubong were too expensive but would eat them, anyway.

Now the budgeting issue; whenever I remind my husband, my kid, my sister-in-law and my helper to turn off the lights when not in use, I hear my mother’s voice in my own voice. She would always ask me and my brothers to turn off the tap properly, turn off the lights between 10 AM to 5PM (unless necessary) and turn off the TV or sound system when not in use. I understand where she was coming from. She, being the breadwinner, knew the value of money more than anyone else in our household.

There are still a lot of comparisons that I have yet to discover and a lot of things that I hope I would be, someday. I would like to be a great cook like my late mother. Her kare-kare was the best. I would like to be motherly like her. I would like to be empathic like her. I would like to be patient like her. I would like to be a good wife like her. I would like to be a good daughter to my remaining parent like her. I would like to be a good sister like her. I would like to be be a good friend like her. I am my mother’s daughter; sooner or later, I would do funny, silly, relevant, meticulous and good things like her.

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    • *hugs*

      I know that life would never be the same without my mom but knowing her, I know that she wouldn’t like me sulking in the corner like a crybaby.


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