The Most Wonderful Thing In This World

The most wonderful thing in this world for me is

to experience motherhood. Not even a good career

could match to a baby’s warm smiles; it takes away my

exhaustion and hunger. I could have experienced the

joy that I’m feeling right now 12 years ago had I faced

motherhood with great courage then. Instead, I passed

the responsibility to my more than willing parents; now

that my daughter is with me, I find it hard to connect with her

sometimes. Good thing, my newborn bridges that gap between me

and my eldest.

It aint easy to be a mother especially if you were single and

independent most of your life. My newborn wakes up every two hours

for feeding and diaper change. Since I am on maternity leave, I

take charge of the baby. We got our baby a nanny but I realize that

before her, I should be the one to familiarize my baby’s moods,

activities and attitude. I tried breastfeeding my baby but my mammary

is not producing enough milk for him. A friend suggested Prolacta but

even that didn’t help.

I look at myself at the mirror and there I found an unfamiliar face:

a sweaty and tired face. But my eyes are kinder, my smile is sweeter

and my aura is more peaceful. Motherhood changes my perspective in life;

from a career woman, I am now a family woman.

3 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Thing In This World

    • I had him via caesarean section last Sept 10. His name is Raphael. He was tiny at 50 cm and 2.5 kilos when he was born.Now, he’s at 55 cm and 4.5 kilos. =)


  1. Wow only 5 pounds at birth! Was he premature? glad to hear that he is doing good.
    Give your daughter time. She too in a sense has lost her mother, at a much younger age then you are now.
    All the best,


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