Lady in Yellow

I was in grade school when democracy was brought back through EDSA 1. At that time, I didn’t have the slightest hint of what was going through to my country. All I knew was that, there was this lady in yellow, said to be a widow of a slain senator, who championed the restoration of democracy in the Philippines.

While Marcos’s symbols were the colour red and the victory sign, Cory C. Aquino’s symbol’s were the colour yellow and the L-sign. (some would say it meant “laban” or fight while some would say that it meant “love”)

The lady in yellow or President Cory faced a lot of issues during her presidency. It was during her time when her administration was rocked with seven coup d’etats, natural and man-made calamities, power shortage and price increase of basic commodities like rice and sugar. The people who supported her asked, “Is she worth the presidency? Is she capable of handling a third-world country?”

It was sometime in the late 80’s when her youngest daughter Kris decided to join show business. Kris was then a bubbly teenager who was more popularly known as the daughter of Ninoy and President Cory. (Years later, Cory would be popularly known as the mother of Kris Aquino)

Being a showbiz person that I am, I’ve witnessed how Kris metamorphosized into a ham actress to a competitive television host. To some, she’s a stubborn spoiled-brat who would steal someone’s boyfriend (Hi there, Cindy Conwi!), run away with cinema’s bad boy (Robin Padilla) and eventually, being the mistress of a top action star (Philip Salvador). But to those who’ve seen Kris’s growing up years without a father, she’s just a little girl who was looking for love, even if Cory gave her all the love she could give to her children. In yesterday’s interview with Kris at her program “The Buzz,” she admitted that she was a prodigal daughter but that stubborness resulted to her being a more loving daughter.

After Cory’s term, she went back to being a private citizen. However, she didn’t really get out of the political limelight. It was a proof that as far as her political charisma was concerned, the lady in yellow’s opinion was still valued.

Her fight with colon cancer seemed like a long journey. I bet that her last 17 months on earth were her happiest albeit the cancer pains. Farewell to the lady in yellow. Farewell to you, Cory.