Disgusting Baron Geisler

He was Jodi Santamaria’s ex-bf. He was also linked to Matet de Leon. He was one of the promising actors during his Tabing-Ilog days.He’s a self-confessed alcoholic. He has an ongoing legal battle with Patrizha Martinez, daughter of Yayo Aguila and William Martinez. Everybody recognizes his acting talent. He is wild, he is rude. Yes, he is Baron Geisler.

I think he has a physical resemblance with the late Heath Ledger. ABS-CBN always gives him chances to prove his talent despite the bad publicities about him. Surprisingly, he jumped over to GMA-7 to do an after min-series with Yasmien Kurdi, Jennylyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte. He took a fancy on Yasmien and harassed her. Now, he’s out of “Suspetsa.”

Baron Geisler doesn’t seem to give a damn if the public sees him as the anti-hero. He seems to be clamoring for attention; be it good or bad. He knows his perfect target: the young and unattached Yasmien Kurdi. He could have harassed Nadine Samonte but this girl is already going steady with Emerson Chua, he boyfriend of four years. He could have harassed the single-mom Jennylyn Mercado but Jen is so full of her own publicities that could eclipse his plans for publicity. Yasmien is known to be single and available; his perfect prey for his publicity.

Baron knows that a lot of people still love him no matter how bad he has done. What this guy needs is spiritual counselling and rehabilitation. ABS-CBN, being his mother studio,would forgive him for all his nasty actions but I doubt if GMA-7 would do the same.

Change your life for the better, Baron, while there is still time.