Hayden Kho’s Fetish

I’ve seen the three sex videos of Hayden Khow with Katrina Halili, a Brazilian model and newcomer Maricar Reyes. Who has the best physical asset? For the body, it’s Katrina. For the face, it’s the Brazilian model. For the stamina, it’s Maricar Reyes. If these videos did not came out, and if I would assume that these girls were Hayden’s “legal” girlfriends, I find nothing wrong with the way they executed their lovemaking.

What is Hayden’s purpose in recording his every sexual encounter with these women? These women were not victims of his lust, if he was not really in love with them. These women were victims of his fetish. Yes, a fetish!

How many videos are still waiting to be sold online? How is Vicki Belo taking it? Obviously, Vicki is not affected at all. If she were, she would not reconcile with Hayden in the first place after seeing Katrina and Hayden’s sex video.