Why Did God Take My Mother?

I prayed for my parents’ long life
To enjoy the fruits of my hard work
Instead, my mother was afflicted with cancer
A disease so life-threatening and so expensive to treat

The cancer was discovered four days before she died
We were treating her for diabetes for six months
We were all unaware of the killer disease
It was too late for treatment when we traced the real culprit

I was too weak to comprehend why things had to happen
My mother was young at 56 to leave us
She was vibrant, full of life and inspiration
Why, oh why does God had to end her earthly duties?

“Your mother’s tasks on earth are accomplished
She did a good job; now it’s her time to return
All her physical pains will be left on earth
She will be happier now and so you must set her free”

I realize that my mother lived her life to the fullest
She was a great mother, a great wife and a great daughter
A loving sister, a loyal friend; she will be terribly missed
Her legacy will continue to live; she will forever be loved