Suzette Nicolas, Victim or Not?

From the very start of this Subic Rape Case Drama, a lot of opinions were divided. Did Lance Corporal Daniel Smith really rape Suzette Nicolas or “Nicole?”

I spent six years of my adult life in Olongapo City where I worked as an engineer in one of SBMA’s former top company. Olongapo City was notorious for being the “sin city” of the central part of Luzon; the other one was Angeles City in Pampanga. When Subic closed its military base in the early 90’s, it managed to reinvent its image into a money-making industrial zone in the late 90’s.

I’ve never been to Neptune Club and never in my wildest dreams will I try to go there alone. It’s not a wholesome place where you can just sit down, dance and have a drink with your buddies. If I were looking for that kind of entertainment, I would just go to Subic Hard Rock in Olongapo or even in Pier One in Boardwalk. I wonder if Nicole and her company have the slightest idea of what kind of place Neptune is. Nobody must have warned her group that this place s-p-e-l-l-s SEX, alcohol, flirting and unwholesome fun.

Reports said that Nicole was intoxicated at the time that she was dancing with Smith; some said that it was a flirty sexy dancing. We know how alcohol can boost up our libido and the two probably agreed to make out.

It was not the kind of making out that any DECENT woman would ever try; report said that Smith had sex with Nicole at the presence of his companions and the van driver. The question on whether the sex was consensual was put into question. It could be a wild sex with a stranger or it could be a consensual sex at the start– that, only Nicole can answer.

What I can’t understand with Nicole is her American dream. If I were oppressed in a country or in a place or if I were so demoralized by a group of people, what I’m gonna do is to pick up the pieces of my life AWAY from that place or group of people. Obviously, this principle doesn’t work for her because she’s now in the States with her marine lover. Why not UK? Why not Australia? Why not Canada?

Nicole blamed the government for not helping her push through with the case–that I feel for her. But why recant her statement after various sectors showed support to her, the Gabriela group most specifically. How much deal was involved in this for her to leave her lawyers, fly with her lover and accept the PhP100,000 (or more?) to start a new life elsewhere in the US?

If Nicole’s new statement were the real one (Smith didn’t rape her) I would have slapped her in the face, throw mud at her and spit on her face. Hey, if her new statement were the real one, she’s on the risk of putting the REAL RAPE victims at risk. What is its effect on the real victims that we should be supporting?

Suzette Nicolas or Nicole, is she a victim or not? We don’t know. Only time can tell.

15 thoughts on “Suzette Nicolas, Victim or Not?

  1. nicole did not recant. she did not say anything in that affidavit that changes the fact that smith raped her while she was too intoxicated to resist.


  2. To Angela:

    That new affidavit is causing a lot of trouble. What does it bring to us? Confusion more than synchronization. I wonder why she has to make that statement in the first place?


  3. Sorry, you answered your own question when you made this statement:

    “what I’m gonna do is to pick up the pieces of my life AWAY from that place or group of people.”

    She has done just that. She has been used and abused by the Philippine justice system and the leftist groups and she has now gone as far as she can away from them.

    My guess is that if certain groups hadn’t politicized this from the start then she would have recanted a long time ago. The pressure from these groups must have been unbelievable and stood in the cause of justice.

    Now let’s hope the Philipine courts actually give justice to one victim, Daniel Smith. He has had his life ruined by a bunch of overzealous Pinoy idiot leftists.


  4. To Jack:

    I was referring to the US when I made that statement. Fixing her life in a place where his supposed rapist (?) come from is not a good idea for me. Why don’t she fix her life anywhere but the US? What’s with the US aside from her lover?

    I hate it when an issue is used by either the rightist group or the leftist group for their own advantage. But what can we do, it’s the REAL world; USE or BE USED.


  5. Suzette finally WOKE UP.

    It keeps getting clearer and clearer that both Smith and Suzette were USED in this case because they are young and naive.

    Suzette was used by Gabriela, Maza, Bayan Muna (you), Hontiveros, Madrigal, Salonga, anti-Americans., etc.

    Smith was used by Judge Pozon and the Philippine Judiciary System.

    The Philippine DOJ must investigate Suzette’s lawyer, Evalyn Ursua, and Gabriela, Bayan Muna, etc., and find out if Ursua wanted Suzette to give false testimony.

    If proven guilty, Ursua and her groupies could go to jail from 6 years to 40 years.



  6. To Meeh:

    Another development is that, Ursua doubts if Nicole’s new statement is legitimate or not.

    Given that Nicole was raped by Smith,(proven in court, actually) with the issues that she has been facing since 2005,it seems to me that she’s being raped over and over again.


  7. i think she just wanted to have a visa… wew… i feel sad for smith, the whore bitch Nicole destroyed his life just to have one…. Php100,000 (payment for her sexual services) Lover in the US (Imaginary lover) Have a new life in the US (wew.. a whore can earn more cash in the US + bigger Toot)


  8. ang dami niyong satsat!

    si nicole binigay ang sarili sa kano, kung MATINO kang tao, you will not GO to that kind of place!

    binigay niya sarili niya tapos magddeclare siya ng RAPE? ano implication nun? ano gusto niya habulin?

    at eto pa mga bob0 na Gabriela, tinulungan pa sa rally rally nila! ano kaya tingin nila dito? hehehe di ba para silangm ga tanga na tinulungan ang isang pok2 na ang habol lang pala ay US VISA at pera?

    nakakhiya kasi binahiran na naman ang mga pinay na mukhang pera lang… nakakahiya


    • Cool ka lang. Napahiya na nga deep inside ang Gabriela eh. Hehehe…

      Seriously, it’s alarming to know that some, if not most (or is it most, if not some?) foreigners think of us Pinays as gold-diggers.


      • One of the (female) posters here commented, “Seriously, it’s alarming to know that some, if not most (or is it most, if not some?) foreigners think of us Pinays as gold-diggers.”

        It’s difficult to explain, but try to understand, for a long period of time, Filipinas were raised to admire US goods (PX goods), our clothing, lifestyles, the dashing American military. Frankly, many dreamed of an American as a perfect husband, and I can tell you from personal experience (as well as the experiences of countless acquaintances and friends who have visited PI, or used internet dating services), it is still a prevalent attitude.

        It has nothing to do with “prostituting one’s self”, and everything to do with little girls’ aspirations for a Prince Charming and a beautiful life.

        Who in the Philippines (excepting the hardcore) don’t want a US Visa? Bug cars, big houses, clean, wide streets, excitement!

        This is a particularly hard dream to resist when one meets an American, face-to-face, for any length of time. It can be overwhelming for some and for others frustrating because men sense this power immediately upon arrival. Neither the woman nor the man are bad, but the long-history of the Philippines creates this male-female dynamic.

        I think Suzette was overwhelmed by events (certainly by alcohol), and, why a serious US boyfriend, should have stayed far, far away from other men. No one has ever insinuated she was a bargirl, but she apparently was not that new to bars.

        Daniel was overwhelmed, as well, alcohol, a beautiful girl and the excitement of the moment. Marines are not hired for intelligence, but for their initiative, and self-determination. He failed a moral test on several levels, as Suzette was the GF of a fellow Marine (a greater crime in the Marne mind, than “forcing a girl…”).

        I think this was a tragic sequence of events, based on the Police harassing her at the seawall, perhaps assuming she was a prostitute, and her denials that led to an inquiry.

        If she’d had her way that early morning at the seawall, I’m sure she’d have gone home, and slept it off and regretted cheating her BF, and that would (hopefully) be the end of it.

        By this was not to be.

        As discussed, many groups seized the opportunity to press this event for their own use, and I still am somewhat amazed at the intractability of the Left, and the Women’s groups, whom do not allow the slightest possibility that this was anything other than a brutal rape of Philippine womanhood by the repressive American invaders.

        After almost 30 years of marriage to a Filipina, close contact with our family, friends and hundreds of Filipinos through many, many visits – I see there is truth on both sides.

        Let it rest, people.


  9. Sorry but I don’t think that Nicole was raped at all.
    It seems like it was consensual. Nagpakita sya ng motives at sumama pa sya. Nagustuhan nya si Smith. She just felt cheap the next day kaya nagbagong puri.


    • Oh, wag naman. Hehehe…Baka when that time comes at magreklamo sya, wala ng maniwala sa kanya.


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