Designer Bags and Luxurious Lifestyle At This Trying Time?

I’ve never owned any designer bag.
I’ve never had a luxurious lifestyle.
But does it mean that when a celebrity flaunts his/her designer bags and luxurious lifestyle, he/she is liable to the millions of poor Filipinos who can’t even have a decent meal or a decent shelter? Maybe not.

Being a celebrity is not all roses; they have to endure the long hours of shootings and tapings and they have to adapt to the environment where they’re required to act. I remember starlet Emily Artadi, a former model, suffered from pneumonia because of the long hours she spent in the pool. Who can forget Angel Locsin when a horse kicked her during the filming of Love Me Again? Richard Gutierrez nearly burned his arm during a rehearsal for his TV show, Asero. My point is, what they earn; they just deserve.

Is it an issue if Sharon Cuneta has the latest collection of Hermes bag? It is an issue if she does NOT give back to the society or if she does NOT share her blessings. From what I know, Sharon donates to her favorite charitable institutions and so is Kris Aquino.

I don’t care if Willie Revillame has the grandest and most luxurious yacht for as long as he knows how to give back to the society.

Some people could get so sensitive when they see people flashing their wealth. Ask me, I don’t get affected AS LONG as these show offs know how to share their blessings.

I hate it when they stereotype the rich people as SNOB. I don’t see Tessa Prieto-Valdes that way. I don’t think Lucy Torres-Gomez was brought up that way. And mention Mikey Cojuangco-Jaworski, too.

There are some poor people who are SNOB. I think that being a snob lies in a person’s character whether he/she is rich or poor.

One thought on “Designer Bags and Luxurious Lifestyle At This Trying Time?

  1. Flashing the fruits of their labor usually gets misinterpreted by the people, even me sometimes. But I think we should look at it on a different way.

    I think we should take them as a inspiration understanding the fact that they are where they are and they got what they have because of working hard. Something we all should do.

    Famous Filipinos


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