The World Is Not A Sweet Place To Live In

After what happened to my father, (see my previous post) I no longer feel safe in the company of familiar faces and strangers. It’s pretty hard to regain my trust because our family experienced it first hand: never be too trusting to strangers and friends for your best friend could even be your worst enemy later.

I live a simple life in the countryside. I have a rewarding career, a loving fiance’ and a company of few close friends that I trust. It’s very different from the life that my family lives on the other side of this region. One thing that I hate is our lack of privacy. It’s not that I loathe entertaining visitors but when it becomes a daily activity, it becomes a burden on our part.

I realize that not all who comes to our house is a friend. Some are just acquaintances. I made it clear to my future husband that my number one house rule is NOBODY SHALL INVADE OUR PRIVACY. For someone who grew up in a company of different kinds of people, I think at least one person could relate to my sentiments.

One thing that I hate in myself is my too trusting attitude. I forgot that there are vultures and snakes around and that the world is not a wide playground with merry-go-round, swings and see-saws. I tend to forget that we’re all here to survive, step on one another and push until we leave the weaker ones behind. I tend to forget that the reality of life is not always about camaraderie and unity; there is always that one big agenda at the back of one’s mind why he/she appears to be friendly or helpful. Yeah, there are still some really good people around. But the majority are just fakes. After all, the world is not a sweet place to live in. We’re all here to survive.