My College Life

Some teeners go to college because it’s the most common thing to do after high school. Some teeners go to college because it’s what their parents want them to do. Some teeners go to college to gain some freedom. I went to college because of ambition.

I don’t regard myself as an A-1 student. If I were, I wouldn’t have to study very hard just to earn good grades. But I was not the nerdy type either. I wanted to finish college because I knew that it was my only chance to have a better life.

I did not come from a well-off family. I needed to strive harder in life. Several months before my high school graduation, my classmates were worried about passing their college entrance exam. On the other hand, I was worried about whether my parents could afford to send me to college or not. My mother made the biggest sacrifice by sending me to school; it was something that I am grateful of until now.

I lived in a dormitory during my freshman year. I was exposed to a lot of vices. It was my first taste of freedom. While some of my boardmates were busy spending their night out in the bar, I was contended spending my night in Burnham Park with friends.

I moved in Sanitary Camp during my sophomore. I stayed there until the time that I finished college. I remember, I was always tight with money then. I knew that my boardmates would not understand why I had to lock my stocks in my room instead of just storing them in the cupboard. I did it to better monitor my consumption since some of them use my stocks whenever they ran out of it.

People had this misconception that I am rich or I belong to a moneyed clan. It must be my oriental looks. This misconception was probably the reason why I was misjudged.

It saddens me to see students who take their studies for granted. It saddens me to see parents work hard for these kind of children. I finished college because of ambition and my desire to improve my state of life.