My Valentine’s Experiences

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. My best buddy here in the office is very excited about it. Forgive her, she’s only 24. 😉

When I was younger, I regarded this day as the 3rd most special day after All Saint’s Day and Christmas. Valentine’s used to be that special day that could make or break my day. I finished high school with no Valentine’s card, no Valentine’s date and no Valentino to spend the day with. Good thing, my father was born on Valentine’s Day so his birthday celebration made up for it.

It was in Baguio City where I had my first Valentine’s with my first boyfriend. It was actually a group date with a couple of mutual friends. We just had doughnut and soda (what a combination!) at Mr. Donut’s in Session Road. My first boyfriend gave me three red roses on that special day. I was his first love, too; I gave my yes to him 12 days before Valentine’s.

My worst Valentine’s experience was in 1998 when my jealousy-stricken first boyfriend assumed that I was with someone else inside my room. I fell asleep after making a Valentine’s card for him that was why I didn’t hear his knocks. When I opened the door, his eyes were fierce and angrily, he accused me of sleeping with someone else. I showed him the card and after seeing it, he cooled down but he had ruined my romantic mood for that day.

My second boyfriend NEVER gave me flowers for reasons that I do not know until now. My most memorable Valentine’s with him was when he said NO to his teammate’s request for swapping their shift. That was in 2001 and it was our first Valentine’s date. We dined at Shakey’s in Magsaysay Avenue (Olongapo City)

I have yet to celebrate my first Valentine’s with Miel, my third boyfriend and fiance’. I don’t expect red balloons and red roses. I don’t expect chocolate cake or chocolate bars. His presence would just be enough. With Miel, everyday is Valentine’s Day for me.