My Love Faded

We were both 22 when we first met.
I was in a rocky relationship, he was never into a relationship.
We became friends. He said that I was so stupid to stay in a relationship where there is too much hurting.
I ended my relationship with the first one.
He said that he was the happiest man on this planet for having me.
Everybody was against our relationship.
Two against the world was our theme.

A year after, the fairy tale ended.
We were faced with a lot of issues.
Whenever I tried to run away from him, he said that everything in our relationship was just normal.

Is it normal not to talk about the daily happenings in our life?
Is it normal not to feel jealous of his attention to the other girls?
Is it normal not to ask about our future?
He said it was not normal so I molded my self into somebody that he thought was normal.

“Do you love me?” I asked him.
“Yes, of course,” he said.
Why is it that love begets pain, then? What was missing in our relationship?
Maybe a ring?
Maybe a marriage contract?
Maybe a future life together?

I stayed with him because of love.
He said he couldn’t stay with me because of love.
“I love you so I’m setting you free,” he said.
I was taken off-guard; it was unexpected.
“Why are you leaving me after six and a half years together?” I asked.
He gave me a dozen replies but this one broke my heart into pieces.
“I am no longer in love with you since last year.”

Since last year? Or since five years ago?
If he really loved me, he wouldn’t hurt my feelings for the past five years.
Did he really love me or I was just his meantime girl?

It took me 1.5 years to have a new relationship after him.
It took him less than a year to move on.

He IM’d me and said that he wanted to see me before I get married.
For what?
Isn’t he happy with his new girl or does he want a night of fun with me?

I didn’t take his bait.
I couldn’t afford to hurt Miel.
But one thing that I realize is this:
“Never assure that love is enough to make someone stay or come back to you..when pain strikes the heart,love fades no matter how great it was.”

He broke my heart so badly; I could never see him face to face again.
He was forgiven but he has to be forgotten.
He’s now a memory; a good and a bad memory.
The person who made me what I am today.

3 thoughts on “My Love Faded

  1. wow so i just posted a blog about my current boyfriend and i said “i wish i could type all the details and problems i have with him but it would take too long” and girl you summed it up perfectly here. reading your post makes me think that being in a relationship like this isnt healthy. its just a way to take up time in your life and maybe feel loved by someone out there in the world. of course, i havent dated my boyfriend for over six years….not even close. im just glad im seeing the problems before it gets that far in. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. it makes me feel stronger and it makes me want to do something about my relationship. Good luck with Miel!


  2. Hi Audrey!

    You are correct; a relationship that is NOT healthy is not worth fighting for. And I’m glad cuz you’ve seen the flaws in your relationship before you get too much involved with him. Talk about emotional investment, huh!

    I think that being dumped by the man that I used to love so much is a blessing in disguise. Had he not dumped me, I would still be tied in that rollercoaster relationship. Yeah, girl–sometimes love ain’t just enough as the song says.



  3. I know I’ll sure never forget when my husband told me “I just don’t love you anymore”
    Those words are so crushing! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to know if my partner doesn’t love me.


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