My officemate sold me a 550 g. of choco-flavoured Herbalife that costs PhP 1,300. She probably heard about my 2009 wedding that is why she capitalized on that. I was never into stringent dieting though I tried Atkins diet for a time. And oh, the acetone breath! It was my worst diet program.

I categorize myself as someone who’s on the meaty side, some friends say I’m on the voluptous side. I don’t have the anorexic look of a starving fashion model. Neither do I look like an oversize model! I think, that’s it: voluptous!

I don’t eat much. Problem is, I have a sedentary lifestyle. I am not athletic. I don’t even work at home. I just consume my time sitting in front of my PC the whole office hours. My bad!

But I love to walk! I can walk the whole day and not make a big issue out of it! Walking is a good exercise. Brisk walking is even better!

Now, back to Herbalife. It acts as a food supplement so starting November 1, I intend not to eat solid foods during breakfast and supper. PhP 1,300 per pay day is not cheap! I need to do my part.

Miel doesn’t want me to lose weight by starving. I told him that I’ll just give Herbalife a try.


3 thoughts on “Herbalife

  1. Hi Iris

    I was a health coach for herbalife for 4 years and used several products. To help you slim down to the weight you want, a brisk walk 3 days a week is a great start for a goal!


  2. Use Herbalife products together with a sensible diet and regular exercise program. It is one of the best options to healthy weight loss and weight management.


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