I So Love Bagoong!

I ate supper with Miel. We had kare-kare on the table. The bagoong na alamang made our kare-kare more delicious. I put some vinegar on the bagoong to remove the “fishy” smell. Oh, by the way, I’m a big fan of bagoong! I could eat bagoong and rice for a week! Hahaha!

My ex-boyfriend cooks his dishes with a tablespoon of bagoong instead of salt or fish sauce. You should taste his beef stew with bagoong. Well, I can go away with eggplant and bagoong, camote tops and bagoong, ladyfinger and bagoong and all sorts of vegetables basta may bagoong!

Can you eat an apple with bagoong? I bet you’d puke! I eat star apple with bagoong, guava with bagoong, ripe or green mango with bagoong, banana with bagoong, camias with bagoong and pineapple with bagoong. Hmmmmm….mouth-watering!

Some people refer to it as anchovy. Some says that it’s shrimp/fish paste. Why not just call it as it is; bagoong? If the Koreans don’t translate their kimchi to cabbage appetizer, then why can’t we just leave bagoong as it is?

2 thoughts on “I So Love Bagoong!

  1. oh my god, i love bagoong! but wait, did you have the shrimp paste type or the brown sauce with fish in it? both pretty amazing.


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