PV Will Always Be Part Of My Life

I heard that he’s jobhunting again. I dunno the reasons. It could be his financial status. It could be the work environment. It could be his officemates. It could be his family. It could be his girlfriend. I dunno. I don’t intend to know the details.

He’s a good employee:dedicated, energetic and competitive. His competitiveness is intimidating, though. He was so dedicated that most of the time, I had to take the backseat for his career. I was his shadow, his puppet, his trophy gf.

The 6 years of rollercoaster relationship with him was emotionally and spiritually draining. Until now, I ask myself if he really loved me. Or was I too absorbed in the illusion of he loving me. Maybe there was love but no commitment.

Miel knows about my love story with PV. Miel ought to know. We need to evaluate the past to understand the present. Miel knows that PV will always be part of my life. It is the reason why we want our relationship to be the BEST relationship we ever have.