The Story Of Four Friends

Meet the four of us:

Shellah as the high school heartthrob who used to be in pursuit of her true love.

Cherry as the brainy doctor who was unsure of her feelings towards her boyfriend.

Cora as the witty journalist who proved that love at first sight do really exists.

And of course, Iris as the frustrated writer who stopped believing in true love after her long time boyfriend called off their wedding plans.

Their favorite hang out is The Beanery, a famous coffee shop in their province. Among the four, Iris considered herself as the most unfortunate when it comes to having a lovelife. Early in 2007, PV called it quits and she was in total denial. Her friends could sense that something was not right in her relationship with PV but she pretended that everything was fine.

Iris could not just ruin the dreams of the hopeful Cora that true love does still exists. She kept her opinion to herself. When Allan and Cora were re-introduced in Beanery, the two instantly assumed that they were meant for each other. Allan was just in the country for a brief vacation while Cora was mending a broken heart. Immediately, Allan proposed. They are tying to knot in California this coming September 2008.

Shellah’s ups and downs in life were also reflected in her relationship with the men who promised to stay with her through thick and thins. Her biggest blow was when she broke up with Walid, a Qatari national who she met while working as a nurse in Qatar. It was one of the saddest events in the history of the four friends’ friendship. They are and will always be there for each other no matter what. Little that she knew that her childhood friend, Jay is the one that is destined to be with her through life’s most bitter trials. Her friends wish that Jay would be the last man and the one who would love Shellah until the end.

Cherry’s life is not as melodramatic as Iris’s or Shellah’s. She was a princess all her life; a pampered child. Being headstrong and at times idealistic, she could not fit in with her boyfriend’s lifestyle. She tried to assess her feelings and realized that life without Randy is not complete. They are getting married next year.

Iris has always been known as the sweet clown with a temper of a tigress when provoked. Her only dream in life was to have a happy family of her own. Her relationship with Miel was just a joke at the start until they both realized that they really love each other. Just like Cherry, she is getting married next year!

Cora and Cherry will settle in the US soon. Shellah intends to try her luck in Malaysia. Iris and Miel talk about settling abroad, too. Four friends, four lives. Wish them luck that distance and time zones won’t be the reasons to end their friendship.

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