The Ex and the Present

I cleaned my closet last night. I got rid of PV’s things, mostly underwears. Memories of our happy days reminded me. For some strange reasons, I missed him so much.

I know I have to get rid of his memories. But the love is deeply engrained in my heart; it just can’t fade away. Maybe if it was not a one-way street, I would have been the happiest person on this planet. He said that he loved me, that he was serious on me; but he never did the loving things that is expected from a lover.

Miel, my present boyfriend and fiance’, and I went to the chapel early this morning. It was my 2nd time to wake up that early and go to the chapel with a lover. The 1st time was with Changki’s dad way back in 1998.

I feel so secured when I’m with Miel. Sometimes, I can feel that I still love PV but I can also feel that I’m falling for Miel each day.