He So Loves Children

Miel is very fond of kids. He loves my two-year-old niece. That girl is very much a brat! She loves playing pranks on her sitter. Miel aims to “tame” her. Lol! Miel loves my daughter, too. He treats her like his own. But his greatest dream is to have our Brad next year. Brad is the name of our future baby.

Pregnancy thoughts keep me occupied since Wednesday. I knew I was not careful with my pregnancies before. The first one resulted to a healthy baby though. The second pregnancy was not successful, a blighted ovum as the OB-Gyne said.

It was not accidental why it was unsuccessful. I was not careful at that time. It left me scarred with regrets and painful memories. Miel asked me to forget all the bad things that happened to me. I told him that I fear not being able to give him a child. He said that my fears are baseless, that I am healthy, ovulating and will be a mother again next year.

I was with two men who feared the responsibilities of being a father. Then now, I am with Miel who so love to be a father not just to our future kid but to my kid as well.